Student Gamification Docs

Points for learning actions

Progress AreaUnit PointsInstancesTotal PointsQuick Notes
Weekly Projects1251 p.w. * 4 wks500
Daily Challenges254 p.w. * 4 wks400
Capstone Project3001 final project300
In-person classes1001 p.w. * 4 wks400
Live Sessions254 hrs p.w. * 4 wks400
Daily Standups204 p.w. * 5 weeks400
Career Deliverable1001 per module100
Open-source contributions100Bonus points
Technical blogs100Bonus points
Masterclasses & workshops50Bonus points
Total Points2500

Students progress to the next module if they have 2000 points and above, 1750 points are on probation and have to do a bonus item as they join the next module/course. You should not proceed if you have a pending weekly project that isn’t satisfactory.