Python Programming

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About Course

Get started in your development journey with Python. In 5 weeks, we’ll go through all Python fundamentals to set you up for a Python career in Data Science or Web Development. This course will cover the fundamentals but we recommend that you build upon your skills by following the Python documentation, external blogs, and explore additional Python libraries. Here is what you will cover in this course:

  1. Week 1: Python Basics
  2. Week 2: Python Data Types
  3. Week 3: Python with Web Services
  4. Week 4: Advanced Python Programming
  5. Week 5: Capstone and Conclusion

Acknowledgement and Attribution

This course is licensed from the Python for Everybody course by Charles Severance, Professor at the University of Michigan. This course is also available on Coursera and YouTube and is licensed through a Creative Commons license. Projects, challenges, and additional text notes/content have been curated by the Zindua technical team.

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Course Content

1.1 Intro to Python Programming

1.2 Variables, Expressions, Statements

1.3 Conditional Execution and Functions

1.4 Loops and Iterations

1.5 Python Basics Project
Complete week 1 of the course by putting your learning into practice with one of the following projects.

2.1 Strings

2.2 Files

2.3 Lists and Tuples

2.4 Dictionaries

2.5 Python Data Types Project

3.1 Regular Expressions

3.2 Network Programming

3.3 Web Scraping & XML

3.4 JSON & APIs

3.5 Python Web Services Project

4.1 Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

4.2 Advanced OOP

4.3 Databases

4.4 Modules, Packages, Unittests

4.5 Advanced Python Project

5.0 Conclusion and Next Steps

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