Student Gamification Docs

For Core Programs

Points for learning actions

Here is how points will be assigned in our simple easy to track Version 1 of gamification:

Learning ActionsMax Unit ScoreQuantityMax Total ScoreMin Expectation
Weekly Projects150 points (Graded on 1-10 scale)4 projects600 points360 (60%)
Capstone Project300 points (Graded on 1-10 scale)1 capstone300 points180 (60%)
Online Attendance20 points per class20 classes400 points200 (50%)
In-person Attendance50 points per session4 sessions200 points100 (50%)
Total Game Points1500 points850 (~55%)

Students progress to the next module if they have 850 points and above, 750 points are on probation and have to do a bonus item as they join the next module/course. You should not proceed if you have a pending weekly project that isn’t satisfactory.

Areas for bonus points

  1. Masterclasses: 50 points if one attends the workshop/masterclass in week 5
  2. Technical blog post: 100 points if one publishes a blog on Medium or on the Zindua blog
  3. Open-source contribution: 100 points if one has a commit approved for a Github project

Module Grading System

While Zindua doesn’t care about grades, we track learning actions by points to determine whether a student has completed a module satisfactorily. For learners who will require final transcripts or final grades, here is how it will be awarded:

GradeGame PointsPercentage
A* (Laude)145090%

For 30-Day Challenges

Here is how points will be assigned for our 30-day challenges:

Learning ActionsMax Unit ScoreQuantityMax Total ScoreMin Expectation
Weekly Projects100 points (Graded on 1-5 scale)3 projects300 points180 points
Capstone Project200 points (Graded on 1-10 scale)1 capstone200 points120 points
Online Attendance20 points per class12 classes240 points150 points
Total Points740 points450 (~60%)

Students are required to get at least 450 points to graduate the challenge. Students also have to complete the capstone project to graduate the challenge.

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