Data Structures & Algorithms Challenge

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About Course

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of computer programming by getting in-depth into Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) for 30 days (or 5 weeks in average). This course is being run in collaboration with top recruitment companies in Kenya i.e. Gebeya and Workforce Africa who will both come in from Week 5 for career workshops and technical interview preparation. Here is what we’ll cover in the next 5 weeks:

  1. Week 1: DSA Foundations
  2. Week 2: Applied Data Structures
  3. Week 3: Divide & Conquer Algorithms
  4. Week 4: Advanced Algorithms
  5. Week 5: Bonus Algorithms & Career Sessions


The contents of this course have been curated by technical mentors from Zindua School: Bonaventure Ogeto (DSA Foundations), Cyril Michino (Divide & Conquer), and Dan Walobwa (Data Structures). Projects and challenges associated with the course have been sourced from Leetcode, which is the top resource of Data Structures and Algorithms preparation. We appreciate Gebeya and Workforce Africa, both top recruitment companies in Africa, for stepping in for the career and technical interview preparation segments.

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Course Content

0.0 Welcome to the Challenge

  • Overview of the challenge
  • Before you begin…

1.1 Big-O Notation & Search Algorithms
An introduction to algorithms: understand the Big-O Notation and explore array search algorithms i.e. Linear Search and Binary Search

1.2 Introductory Data Structures
Learn about Arrays and Hashmaps, the simplest and most commonly used data structures in all programming languages.

1.3 Basic Sorting Algorithms

1.4 Recursive Sorting Algorithms

1.5. Week 1 Quiz & Challenges

2.1: Linear Data Structures

2.2 Foundations of Trees

2.3 Tries

2.4 Foundations of Graphs

3.1 Understanding Greedy Algorithms

3.2 Foundations of Dynamic Programming

3.3 Zero-One Knapsack Dynamic Programming

3.4 Unbounded Knapsack Dynamic Programming

4.1 Graph Recap (Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List)
Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List.

4.2 Graph Traversal (DFS and BFS)
Depth First Search and Breadth First Search Algos

4.3 Backtracking & Graph Pathfinding
Dijkstra's, A* Pathfinding, and Bellman-Ford Shortest Path

4.4 Advanced Graph Algorithms
NP-Complete algorithms such as Traveling Salesman and Graph Algorithms such as Vertex Colouring and Topological Sorting

5.1 BONUS: More Software Dev Algorithms

5.2 BONUS: Data Science Algorithms

5.3 BONUS: All Challenge Recordings

5.4 BONUS: Tech Career Preparation

5.5 Conclusion & Capstone

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